14 April 2009 @ 09:17 pm
My Hands Feel Like Popsicles  
Why oh why is there no NCIS tonight? I need Gibbs and Abby.

I also need shoes. I've no idea why because I mostly wear my Chucks or Vans everywhere, but recently all I've wanted is a pair of ankle boots and a pair of really nice dress shoes. I spent a good hour last night browsing Zappos and found far too many possibilities. I think that for both my sanity and bank account I need to keep the shoe shopping to stores that have a very limited stock. This is one instance where options are not my friend.

BHjr has convinced me to give Supernatural a try. I haven't started yet, but have the entire first season ready and waiting. Wish me luck, I'm going in! *Takes deep breath and hopes to avoid catching the batshitcrazy of the SPN fandom*