24 May 2009 @ 10:05 pm
I love Susan Boyle. How can anyone not? She's entirely adorable from her first audition when she completely stunned everybody (which was AWESOME) to her performance tonight when she looked beautiful and sang even more beautifully. I so sincerely hope she wins. Can Americans vote in Britain's Got Talent? Because I want to, badly.

In other news, BHjr came home today and brought with him the Star Trek glasses from Burger King that I've been coveting for ages and ages. Now I can happily stare at Kirk and Spock (and even Uhura and Nero if I'm particularly feeling the ST love, but always always Kirk and Spock) while I'm eating dinner. Oh, happy day!

And because tomorrow's Memorial Day I, like Aladdin, can continue in my (generally happily) unemployed state for at least another day.
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