09 May 2009 @ 06:08 pm
OH MY GOD! I was jumping in my seat with glee the entire movie.

Admittedly, I know very little about TOS what with being raised on TNG and VOY, and every time I see TOS on TV I can only watch a few minutes because the disco is blinding, but I do know the magnitude of this:

VULCAN WENT BOOM! Just. Boom. No reset, no nothing. Hello black hole.

Wow. My mind still reels.

I've no idea how the characters compare to the originals, but I thought the entire cast was beyond fantastic. I especially loved Spock - but then again, doesn't everybody? And Scotty was great as well. And Chekov was adorable. And...I could keep going about everyone.

Oh my God! It was so good. And now I'm kinda torn on ships. I thought the canon Spock/Uhura was really well done, classy, even. But I really want to ship Kirk/Spock because, well, they're the ship. The original slash. And it was there, maybe, towards the end of the movie, but the Spock/Uhura was just so damn sweet.

I want another movie! Now, please?
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