02 April 2009 @ 08:57 pm
Today I made dinner. The Father is out of town, so it was just Mother and me - a perfect time to try making my own spaghetti sauce. I found a meatballs and spaghetti recipe on what is currently one of my favorite sites, Smitten Kitchen. The sauce was a little too watery - next time I'll drain the tomatoes - but other than that everything was delicious. I paired the pasta with a black bean confetti salad because Mother and I are both a bit maxed out on the traditional Caesar salad. We spooned the salad onto a bed of spinach and padded a little extra dressing. So so good! I have a feeling come summer it'll be a staple in the house next to the gazpacho and Otter Pops.

Tomorrow I'm going to try baking the black and white cookies because I love love love them and my sweet tooth's been acting up as of late.

Off to search for a decent Gigi download as my icon's just given me the urge to listen to sketchy songs about little girls and ogle Gaston for a few hours.
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